Inside the lab stands a man. A man who already roamed the four corners of the musical world. A man who'd slip away from the stage of an apera house to board a troubadours' cart, who'd take off to the realm of total impro to melt into the drone of a traditional polyphony; a man who'd brush away a ministrels' choir's dawn to plug his guitar in the back room of a dive. From all the comings and goings, the man brought back a genuine taste for uncanny mixes and the stuff to fill up his test tubes quite liberally.

Now experimenting with the effects, shaping the flavours, combining the substances, he has drawn from his vats delirious tasty cocktails which, hybrid as they get, always prove fiercely relevant. You may dub some songs "math rockabilly"; others "psychedelic blues", but never mind the label, we won't let down this bottle in a hurry!

Outdoors, the man Deja Mu brings his liquors into the flesh with the even more stripped-down formula of an electric/drums duet. Deja Nu? Or Deja Bu?



The Prime of a Still Life

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