The story of Thisisit is the story of rather unexpected years, years that found four people catching themselves delighting in playing music together. So: as the merry characters of The Wizard of Oz launched onto their yellow brick road, they decided to keep on going on.

And the leisurely stroll begins with radio shows and folk concerts in Poitiers before even thinking to go a little further. Then bam, they recently bumped into a vinyl single at Grandma's Records label. Their original material makes country music, lo-fi, mambo pop to mind... not to mention a hint of gothic-tinged tales. Each song sports its own little well-tailored garment. On top of the inescapable rthm section, minus the bass guitar, the sound range notably summons brass, toy-instruments, and even risky vocal harmonies. Thisisit: nothing short of a child's room open the numerous influences coming from the other side of the window. It's snowing today.



Tchou Tchou Girl

45t MP3

Gigs: 15/03 Bordeaux (L'Antidote) w/ Deja Mu, 16/03 Nantes w/ Deja Mu § Meringue, Alcohol and Us, 30/03 Paris (Le Rigoletto) w/ Deja Mu § Ms.Jones