Good-natured as a yoghurt cake, shrewd as an ancient clock, Grandma's Records launches weekly drawing lots to pluck a gift out of their candy box. Andnot just any gift:

Your parents gave you a name, Grandma‚Äôs Records offers you an anthem       

Acknowledging the fact that actually buying a record amounts nowadays to an act of militancy, an act of sheer encouragement towards its makers, Grandma's Records decided to do the playback by composing a made to measure chant glorifying the venerable buyer. Each wek, a drawing lots will be made amongst customers. Part pagan hymn, part cheerleader's theme, the resulting anthem will be composed and performed by the Grandma's Orchestra. Based upon the winner's name, the anthem will in turn endeavour to bring them courage and confidence in the achievement of their daily performances.


Q: When?

A: Every wednesday at noon.

Q: What does the anthem look like?

A: Each anthem is one of a kind.

Q: Who's behind the Grandma's Orchestra?

A:  The label's artists, their families, friends and pets.

Q: I won, can I offer the anthem to a friend?

A: If you think life has been too good to you, you can offer it to anybody else.